Bring on the vampires!

by mymothersbrain

Here is the dirty little secret of my escape from reality: I love vampire books. And crime dramas. TV in which bad-ass women detectives behave however the hell they want and still end up with their dusty boots jammed on a perp’s face as he lies on the sidewalk. Saving Grace is a case in point. I also have a fondness for revenge flicks, Kill Bill for instance.

“You like this?” my husband will say incredulously as I howl with laughter while watching Holly Hunter do everything she shouldn’t do — sleep with her partner, kidnap a priest, land a hard effin’ punch on the face of someone who deserved it, or tell an honest-to-goodness angel to get the hell out of her life. “Yep!” I say, and there is no disguising the glee in my voice.

Most recently, when I introduced him to HBO’s True Blood series based on Charlaine Harris’ books, my husband simply shook his head. To tell the truth, even I was a bit stunned by how dark and bloody the episodes seemed by comparison to the books. However, even the frightening way the characters have come to life has been (dare I say it?) enjoyable! It’s a rush! An intense thrill that keeps me coming back for more.

In fact, up until the past five years or so, I’ve tended to be fairly middle-of-the-road in my likes and dislikes.  While my favorite books remain in the literary fiction realm, and my favorite movies tend to land on the side of filmmakers who tell a great story with elegant and sophisticated writing and photography, middle age and the reality of my mother’s Alzheimer’s have had this effect on me — this need to escape, if not into a great vacation from time to time, then at least into words and pictures and cinema that offer a respite from my own reality. I’m not giving up my Barbara Kingsolver novels or my all time favorite Gabriel Garcia Marquez books, but it’s nice to have a fantastical escape from the day-to-day crap that life flings at me. Especially if the aforementioned escape involves resolving a problem or an issue within the alloted time frame that episodic TV offers. And if the good chick — be she law, telepathic or vampire — wins, so much the better.

So, I make no apologies for the variety in my media diet. Bring on Holly Hunter. Bring on the vengeful chicks. And bring on the vampires!