And a reminder: take care of yourself

by mymothersbrain

Last week, I had a story in The Dallas Morning News about the disproportionate risk for Alzheimer’s among Latinos and African-Americans. The link to the story is here:

The best part of reporting this story is that I was reminded that there is hope. For one thing, researchers all over the globe are working to find the cause of this disease. But also, despite the fact that for every study indicating one thing about Alzheimer’s there seems to be another that indicates otherwise, there are things we can do to keep ourselves healthy. Especially in light of evidence suggesting those things that affect our heart — positively or negatively — also affect our brain.

So, remember when your doctor told you to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure? Or when she told you to lose weight and control your diabetes by eating better? Well, now you have more impetus to do so. Maybe listening to your doctor won’t prevent you from developing Alzheimer’s in the long run, but in the meantime, if exercising and eating healthier foods makes you feel better and lowers your other health risks, then isn’t it worth the effort?

Here is a PDF of the story: