El último baile

by mymothersbrain

While I was home in September, a cousin held a quinceañera for one of his daughters. At this point, my siblings and I tend to think in terms of “last times,” as in, this could be the last time Mom goes to a family dinner, or the last time so many of us family members are all together in the same place. It’s the same reason every time I’m with her, I make sure to tell my mother “I love you,” because I just don’t know what lies ahead. So we decided that we would take my mom to the pachanga, at least for a while. She could talk and visit with her brothers because she likes talking to people even if she doesn’t know who they are, and she’d get a kick out of the familia taking to the dance floor. So, here’s a two-minute video of scenes from the party. No real audio — sorry — but the woman in the tan jacket is my mom. You can see her talking to one of her brothers and kissing him on the cheek. And yes, she did get up and dance with some of us. She’d tell someone at the table, “Watch my purse so I can go dance.”

http://player.vimeo.com/video/31664501 — ©2011 John Doty, all rights reserved