EOAGH journal issue on dementia

by mymothersbrain

Last year I was asked to contribute an essay to a special issue of EOAGH, a journal that publishes prose and poetry, as well as literary criticism and interviews with writers. In 2010 I wrote quite a bit, published quite a bit, and felt emotionally wrung out. I designated 2011 as a year to let my mind lie fallow, to give myself time to refill my emotional and creative well. So I agreed to contribute to this issue then forgot about it until early this year when editor and poet Susan Schultz asked what I’d written. Then I had to dig deep to find the words that would convey what it’s like to lose my ability to communicate this sense of loss that our family is enduring. It seems that as my own mother is losing her ability to speak, to form sentences, to communicate what we understand as coherent thoughts, I am going through the same thing, though for different reasons.

Read through this issue, through the poetry and the prose, and I’m certain that at least some of it will be relevant to your own journeys.